Children's Parties



Birthday Parites

We offer all-inclusive themed parties, and do-it-yourself parties.

Themed parties combining arts and crafts, activities and games.

  • Adaptable to suit all ages and abilities
  • No preparation, no cleaning up, just exciting, inspirational fun
  • Party tea available (optional extra - see menus below)
  • Parties last around 1½ hours
  • Maximum number 15


Jungle Party

Make a butterfly or tiger mask, and a perching parrot. Play games like The Tree Frog Feeding Frenzy. Suitable for younger children. £115

Puppy party

Make a cute puppy mask and play games like Fetch! and Sniffy Dog.  Suitable for younger children. £115

Pony Party

Make a beautiful Pony Head to wear. Suitable for age 7 and over

Under the Sea

Make a beautiful mermaid's tail to wear, or a fish kite.  Go fishing and keep what you catch! £125

Out of this World

Make a rocket and fly it to a helium 'star'.  Land on a primordial planet and make a volcano to match the scenery.  Play the black hole game...and more.

Prehistoric party

Learn how fossils are made and make a plaster cast of one to take home.  £120

Fairies and Dragons

Make a stunning dragon mobile, mix up some fizzing potions and search for magic wishing stars.  £125

Witches and Wizards

Decorage a witch's hat, brew some potent potions and play as many games as we get time for.  £125

Harry Potter

Similar to the above, substituting ballon Quidditch for hat making (not suitable for under 6s)  £120

Knights and Princesses

Decorate a Knight's shield of a beautiful medieval pointy hat.  Play games like Pin the Kiss on the Frog or Give the Knight his lance.  £125


Craft based Parties

All sorts of craft activities, particularly suited to older children.  Everything from candle making or origami - or anything else they might like to try their hand at.  price on request from £100

Do-it-yourself parties

For these parties we provide the room and equipment, and leave the rest to you.  Hours of fun!

Bouncy Castle party

A two hour party for children up to 12 years.  Maximum number 20.  £80

Ball Pit party

A two hour party for children up to 12 years.  Maximum number 20.  £80

Sing Star party

A bit like karaoke, but a lot more fun! Everyone can be a star and sing solos or duets from a huge selection of songs.  A two hour party for any age.  Maximum number 10.  £50

Who to talk to, and how to book

To find out more about our children's parties, check room availability and to book, call Chrisitine Underhill on 01584 813704 Email

A £40 non-refundable deposit is payable when you book your party.

Children's Parties at Ludlow Assembly Rooms is a partnership between Tanith Kinton and Ludlow Assembly Rooms.


Children's party menu


Party Tea Box

(containing cheese or ham sandwiches, crisps and
carton of 5 Alive) £2.99

Hot Food

Either burger in a bun, fish fingers (2), sausages (2) chicken
nuggets (4) or individual cheese and tomato pizza
All served with fries or half jacket potato or salad and with
peas or beans £2.99


Snacks - Please mix and match to suit your requirements

Assorted sandwiches for 10 children £9

Buffet sausage rolls for 10 children £4.50

Bowl of chips £1
Bowl of crisps £1
Bowl of carrot batons 75p
Bowl of cucumber sticks £1.25
Plate of biscuits £1.25
Mini homemade flapjacks - each 50p
Fairy cakes - each 50p
Large cookies - each £1
Fruit portion 60p
Jelly and ice cream - orange or raspberry 75p
Cartons of 5 Alive 85p
Jugs of squash either orange or blackcurrant £2

If there is anything you require that is not on the list please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the catering team or telephone 01584 874041. We look forward to hearing from you.