Ludlow Assembly Rooms - a priceless asset for Ludlow

Imagine - what would Ludlow be like without the Assembly Rooms. Like a garden without flowers, perhaps. Or a dance without music.

Our programme of quality live shows and terrific films brings culture and entertainment to Ludlow - and there is also lots going on behind the scenes that you might not know about, such as community projects and nurturing young talent.


Nurturing young talent

You may have read in the papers recently about George Barnett who won the UK Young Drummer of the Year Award, 2008. George's interest in drumming was encouraged at the weekly Beat This! classes he attended at Ludlow Assembly Rooms, which enabled his exceptional talent to emerge.


Like all other Arts Centres, income from the Box Office doesn't cover our costs. We get very little grant income, and to secure our continuing success in the future we have to raise extra funds.


How you can help

Have you thought of remembering us in your will?

Ludlow Assembly Rooms is at the heart of Ludlow community life, providing culture and entertainments for everyone to enjoy, and opportunities for young people to develop their talents.

Leaving us a gift in your will is a way to ensure that we can continue to do so for future generations.


What will your gift be used for?

A gift of £1000 could buy equipment for the children's Art club for a year

A gift of £10,000 could replace our antiquated boiler with a modern model which would be much more efficient and enviromentally friendly

A gift of £20,000 could buy an improved lighting or sound system for the Auditorium

We always have a long list of projects and improvements we'd love to do, please call us to find out more.


Did you know?

If you're unsure how much you will have available to leave as a gift, you can leave a percentage of your estate instead of a fixed sum.

It was an early gift of £60,000 that enabled the Assembly Rooms project to get off the ground



What next?

If you have already made a will, all you need to do is contact your solicitor to add a codicil. And if you haven't made a will, please remember us when you do.

Every gift is welcome, large or small.

If you are thinking about leaving us a gift or have already remembered us in your will, we would love to have the opportunity to thank you in person for your generosity.

If you would like any information or guidance about leaving us a gift please call or write to Helen Hughes, Assembly Rooms CEO (tel 01584 813703).



Ludlow Assembly Rooms • Registered charity no 1010883