Why volunteer?

Can you imagine Ludlow without the Assembly Rooms? Neither can we! But running an Arts and Community Centre is an expensive business, and it is true to say that we could not open our doors to the public without the help of our small army of volunteers.

If you're thinking of volunteering, we can offer a range of tempting opportunities, whatever your time availability or interests. We believe that you will find plenty of benefits, including making friends and the stimulation of learning new skills. And we can guarantee that you will get a warm, fuzzy feeling from knowing that you are making a valuable contribution to a very worthwhile cause.

If you have physical or special needs we welcome you as part of our volunteering team and will endeavour to find a volunteering role that you will enjoy. Access to backstage is limited, but the rest of the building has no access limitations and there are two lifts which can take you to all levels.


Volunteering opportunities

There are a range of possible ways to volunteer your time with us. However, if you have any skills you can offer, even if not on this list, we would love to hear from you. You can download our volunteer application form here.



We currently have enough stewards and are not recruiting for this position. This situation may change however so please visit us to check again.

Front of House

A Super Steward who gets shows started on time, makes sure that intervals don't overrun and deals with any customer issues that arise. The role includes liaising with stewards to make a plan of who is doing what, and the technician to make sure that the show starting times and other aspects are running smoothly. Anyone interested in volunteering for Front of House would be fully trained until completely comfortable with the role.  If you are interested in Front of House contact Christine on 01584 813704 or email christine@ludlowassemblyrooms.co.uk

Box Office

We are seeking volunteers to assist on Box Office, ideally able to commit to 1 shift per week (generally around 4 hours). Training will be given but it is essential that you are computer literate. For more information contact Christine on 01584 813704 or email christine@ludlowassemblyrooms.co.uk

Meeting minute taker

I am trying to establish a pool of volunteers who can help take meeting minutes on an ad hoc basis. Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in doing. For more information contact Christine on 01584 813704 or email christine@ludlowassemblyrooms.co.uk

Occasional distribution

We are looking for a volunteer to do occasional distribution runs, putting up posters and flyers around Ludlow at pubs or other venues, e.g. doctor's surgeries, clinics etc. Distribution runs are usually required about once every other month.

Event Organising with the Friends

If you are interested in helping to put on events and activities to raise money for Ludlow Assembly Rooms, please contact Christine on 01584 813704

There is no need to join any committee - ideas and passion are all that is needed.


If you are technically minded, why not join the Tech team? Helping to put on live events offers plenty of scope for learning about the technical aspects of putting on a show - lighting and sound for example - and full training will be given.


There are always plenty of ways to help around the building, for example painting, minor carpentry, etc.


If you like office work and can help with general administration (photocopying, collating, folding, mail outs etc) come and join our friendly office team. Contact Chris on 01584 813704 or email christine@ludlowassemblyrooms.co.uk

Work experience for teens

We are always delighted to welcome young volunteers. We are also a very popular placement for work experience students - there's a wide range of work to experience, and the office atmosphere is great fun. If you would like to do your work experience here, be sure to let your school know as soon as possible to maximise your chance of getting one of the limited number of placements. Contact Christine on 01584 813704 or email christine@ludlowassemblyrooms.co.uk

Work experience for adults

If you have holiday time to fill in, or you'd like to explore possible career avenues, or you need to enhance your CV, volunteering could be the solution. Check out these opportunities and give us a call!